Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Getting the hang of it

Ah... I get what's happening. I've already changed my background from all that beige, it just took a while to happen. I'll get used to it. Blimey, this must be riveting for you. Well, a bit of background information. I live in Ham, near Richmond, South West London, but I grew up in Cornwall until the age of 18. I live with my partner, the Scotsman, and we've been together for 13 years. I am a writer, but I work in marketing (a bit like being an actor, but working as a waiter). I like writing intelligent horror, with a sinister feel. My blogging inspirations are people who should appear as links to one side of this blog, but bugger that, I've done enough complicated stuff for one night, so I'll mention then here: Mad Musings of Me (Gert); Scary Duck; Diamond Geezer; Call Centre Confidential; Kennamatic; and Random Acts of Reality. Oh I'm sorry, I'll learn to do that linky thing soon. Coming soon for all those fans of the unusual, a story about the rabbit woman of Godalming. for all those starved of weirdness in the meantime, just do a google search on Mongolian Death Worm. That should keep you going.


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