Saturday, March 04, 2006

Teenage kicks.

Just trying to do some "proper" writing tonight, revising a short story, but, as always, I'm getting distracted. I'm listening to Suggs on Virgin Radio (a great show, by the way), and getting all nostalgic. I remember Madness from when I was about twelve, although I was more an Adam And The Ants fan. This drew me to trying to remember the first song that I actually remember hearing.

When I was tiny, I remember hearing Cat Stevens singing Morning Has Broken on the radio in the kitchen when my Mum was cooking. I was convinced it was really my Dad singing to me through the radio; I've no idea why, my Dad's singing voice bears absolutely no resemblance to Cat Stevens. Or any other individual who might find themselves within a hundred miles of a recording contract (sorry Dad).I now realise that this song was released in May 1972, and was a hit at around my third birthday.

Another favourite that I remember was from November that year, the quaintly titled Mouldy Old Dough. This was a track recorded by Lieutenant Pigeon, who included older pianist Hilda.

It's wierd that when you think of your first musical memories, it's clear that you obviously become aware of music at a certain age, as those tracks were hits within about 4 months.