Monday, May 16, 2005

A great wedding

The Scotsman and I were at a wedding this weekend, at the very impressive Danesfield House Hotel. I can truly say that a great time was had by all, and I strongly recommend it for afternoon tea if you are planning a weekend in Marlow. I like the fact that, in recent years, a lot of hotels and country houses have arranged to be legally entitled to hold weddings on the premises. Not everybody wants to have a religious ceremony, and it's caused a lot of registry offices to raise their game and offer more attractive surroundings; Walton and Wandsworth are especially nice. The registrar at this wedding was a good public speaker, and made an effort to make it into an event, rather than just a legal exchange of vows.

All the best, Warren and Jules!

On a sadder note, what can be the story behind this strange man? There's a novel to be written there. Please contact the authorities if you know who he is. Actually, that's a pretty silly thing to say, isn't it? Because if you'd recognised him from the description you'd either:

a: know who is and be calling somebody, anybody, right now, no matter what it says on this blog.


b: know who he is but appreciate that, because of very complicated personal circumstances (bigamy, abuse, crime, a contract out on him ,alien abduction), he might not want to be identified.

You are very unlikely to be in the position of

c: know who he is, thought about telling the authorities, but you videoed that episode of South Park earlier and it really can't wait, but hey, that woman with the blog reckons you should call the police, so maybe you could.