Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blogs with similar names.

The other day, I was pondering my URL, www.strangeblueghost.blogspot.com, and idly wondering whether there were blogs with similar names out there (busy girl, obviously).

Well, there's no www.strangeghost.blogspot.com. There is however, an entertaining blog with the URL www.blueghost.blogspot.com. At least it looks entertaining; it's by Giahao Chang, a 24 year old Taiwanese student, but it's in Taiwanese (is that a language, or do they speak Cantonese or something?), so we'll never know. Well, you might, if you've got the requisite language skills. Still, nice picture of your foot, Giahao.

Another find is the often hiating www.greyghost.blogspot.com, an American blog mainly given over to sports results. No great find for me as I am barely interested in English sport, let alone American sport. It is worth noting for the following only-in-America quote from his first post:

"I have two SUVs, I can have one blog."

Another American blog is www.strangeblue.blogspot.com, an interesting blog from a science graduate and freelance cameraman, which I would have been to keen to read more of, but it sems to have been abandoned after 3 months.

Then there's www.strange.blogspot.com. 14 year old Chloe, from New York, seems very bright, but I'm not sure I really "get" 14 year olds.

Then we come to the roll of dishonour. www.blackghost.blogspot.com managed one post. I think it might be in Portugese. www.ghost.blogspot.com showed similar commitment. As did www.greenghost.blogspot.com, much like www.redghost.blogspot.com(Spanish).

And the author of www.whiteghost.blogspot.com isn't exactly getting RSI either.

Which brings me to my point. Eventually a lot of the blogger registrations will already be taken, and we will be driven to taking URLs like www.?a345de56!.blogspot.com. Will there be a purge of registrations who only did a few posts, so that the URLs can be recycled?


Blogger Patti said...

You coulda tried "strangebloghost"

11:33 pm  
Anonymous Patrick said...

Good idea regarding recovery of web addresses. Anything idle over a year should be recycled. Or something.

5:21 pm  
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10:32 pm  
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