Sunday, October 23, 2005

Christmas is coming...

Not blogged for a bit as I have been busy trying to do some "proper" writing, and also cuddling a three day old baby. No, not my 3 day old baby, I've not been that busy, it belongs to a couple of friends. Amongst other things, I went shopping in Kingston, for a pressie for the new baby and her 2 year old sister (because it's difficult enough having a new sibling getting lots of attention, without her getting all the pressies as well).

Normally, I quite like seeing all the Christmas stuff on the shelves, but I reached my limit in one of the card shops. There was an advent calendar for sale. But not just any old advent calendar. Oh no. This was an advent calendar for dogs.

Now I'm as soppy as anybody when it comes to animals but, in my opinion, a dog needs an advent calendar like a fish needs a bicycle. I was looking to post a link to a doggy advent calendar when I came across this site, and there's loads of the stuff. There's even a Christmas stocking for hamsters which is also suitable for rats!

Personally, I have no problem with rats. There are some water rats in The Thames near where I live and they are quite cute swimming about. Note to all readers of The Wind in the Willows: there is no such separate species as a water rat. They are just your bog standard brown rat which has decided to live near a river bank, and which therefore sometimes does a bit of swimming. Water voles, however, are different to normal voles. Anyway.

I fail to believe that there is any rat in the whole world currently looking forward to crimbo, wondering what they might get as a present. There'll be blogging pets next!


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Anonymous fjl said...

Let's hope there isn't a rat peeking out the window on the 25th . That would be too much, even for the ragamuff kids in my street ;0)

10:19 am  
Blogger Pudsey said...

thanks for the link as to where to buy an advent calender, but i don't like choc drops.


3:43 pm  
Blogger coolbuddha said...

Shamed to say that when I was a kid we did use to put presents in a 'sock stocking' for the dog.
Mind you, we didn't feed it for the rest of the year, so the gesture was a bit insincere.

6:02 pm  
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