Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Overheard again

Overheard in a local Korean run corner shop (are they still corner shops if they're not actually on a corner?), a conversation between a rather shabby looking older chap looking at the alcohol behind the counter, and the store owner.

"What's that drink there?" as he points to a large, elaborate bottle
"What's that, then?"
"It's a bit like gin."
"How much is it?"
"Oh. I've only got £12, and I need to get food as well. I'll just get my usual cider." and off he sloped to get a bottle of White Lightning.

I suppose I should be depressed by hearing that, but I thought it was actually quite positive that this guy, who probably drinks White Lightning every day, was sufficiently adventurous and open-minded to try to broaden his horizons, maybe educate himself a bit by looking at the more exotic bottles, have a chat with the owner. I'm not quite sure about tequila being much like gin, though!


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