Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sad News

I've written here before about the badgers I see sometimes at the end of our street. It's always fun when you come back late at night and see one trotting along the pavement. They always squeezed through a gap in the hedge to the grounds of a nearby hospital where they had their sett.

So I was rather upset to pick up the local free paper this morning and see that a contractor working on the site is being prosecuted for destroying the setts, and possibly killing many of the badgers, who would have been buried and crushed.

There is an earlier version of the story here which was published last Friday; it has now been established that the badgers did die, and the police have brought charges. This is truly awful, especially as the remaining badgers have been driven away and may not return. It will be a bit of local character that we have lost.