Monday, February 14, 2005

Too busy to post, have fun somewhere else.

A few weeks ago I came across Andrew Collins' brilliant book in a charity shop. Where Did It All go Right? is a memoir of growing up in a happy home during the 70s and 80s. If you want to relive the joy of Findus Crispy Pancakes; Blue Peter (weren't we totally underwhelmed when somebody trashed that garden?); really rubbish toys like Operation and Kerplunk; Top Trumps; Swap Shop; penny chews; and thinking sandwich toasters were a really good invention, then go to Andrew's site here. By the way, remember that stuff called Space dust that used to crackle on your tongue? And those really crap plug in space invaders games?

Actually, Andrew was on the TV last night in one of those 100 best cheap clips of film because we can't afford to commission new drama or any decent stuff so anybody who was once in a sanitary towel ad for 10 seconds is allowed on to talk about whatever type programmes. It was the 100 best tear-jerking moments. The Scotsman and I were sharing a bottle of wine and jeering. Quite frankly, by the time I'd sat through 2 hours of Mel Gibson constantly running over hills clad in blue paint yelling his head off, the execution couldn't come fast enough for me. And I couldn't give a damn either, when Rhett Butler stormed out. And yes, Love Story was pretty boring. Who the hell cries at these things? I love Brief Encounter, but I always thought Celia Johnson could do better than a bloke whose reaction to a Donald Duck cartoon suggests serious substance abuse. But then they announced Watership Down as one of the clips. I turned to The Scotsman. Surely they wouldn't show THAT BIT. The bit where the poor little rabbit dies and his spirit goes up in the sky, because he lives on in rabbit heaven, and Art Garfunkel sings that song. I ask you, what sort of bloke sniggers because his girlfriend is crying?

The most tear jerking moment, alledgedly, is the bit at the end of ET. All I remember of that was still laughing at the bit 5 minutes earlier, when he told Drew Barrymore to be good.

Oh bugger, I could have written my piece on Mongolian Death Worms by now. Anyway, if you want some fun, call St Helens Rugby League Club, and listen to Johnny Vegas doing the announcements. 0870 756 5252. Mongolian Death Worms tomorrow, honest!


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