Friday, March 25, 2005


I like to think that I'm quite an artistic person, but one thing that I've never got the hang of is photography. Some people are able to find exactly the right moment to capture, exactly the right angle. My definition of a good photo is one where I didn't get my finger in it, or didn't have to swat a wasp at the last minute. I'm talking about when I'm taking the photo, obviously. If I'm in the photo, there's nothing wrong with my finger, or all ten, being on show; I don't have deformed fingers which I have to hide. The wasp swatting, however, works both ways, tending to result in a very blurry photo if I'm taking it, and an unattractive pose if I'm actually in it. Anyway.

I was absolutely blown away by this photoblog featuring New York Street scenes. This guy is incredibly talented. I love this, and this.

If you want an interesting UK photography site then Derelict London is good.