Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Should have blogged by now

I should have blogged by now, but we were both a bit knackered after the effort of attending a wedding near Glasgow and driving up and back in 3 days. I was meaning to last night, but events got the better of me. I was flushing our toilet when the handle suddenly felt loose and there was a strange clunking noise within the cistern. I opened it and peered in forlornly, hoping I wouldn't have to call some overpriced git of a plumber. After a bit of poking about I managed to re-attach something and get it working again. I then smelled burning and found out that the chilli I had been cooking was welded to the bottom of the pan. I was in a very bad mood by this point, not helped by the fact that I then had to go online and do my shopping at Tesco. The first few times you do it you think it's great; no queuing, no chavs feeding chocolate to their fat, dough faced brats to get them to stop whining. Then it just becomes another chore and you realise that sitting at a desk endlessly clicking on porridge and soup isn't great fun either.

Anyway, I can finally sit down and write a proper post tonight.


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