Thursday, March 10, 2005

Strange news on Thursday

OK, to continue the grand old week long tradition of posting the strangest stories of the week on a Thursday, I found a tale of the cursing stone of Carlisle in The Times. Is a millennium celebration artwork which reproduces an ancient curse responsible for foot and mouth, disastrous flooding, and the relegation of the local football team? Or is it down to poor discipline, a lack of scoring opportunities and a weak midfield? To update this, the local council voted this week to keep the stone. There is a picture of it here. If you want to read the curse, it makes for interesting reading.

However, the really interesting story of the week I found in a comment at the famous Scary Duck. From The Guardian no less, a gay necrophiliac duck. By the way, if anybody has arrived here by typing "gay necrophiliac duck" into a search need to get out more.