Friday, April 01, 2005

Frank Skinner

We went to Teddington studios last night to see Frank Skinner recording Shane. Very funny, especially as Frank came up to the studio audience a couple of times to do a bit of off-camera stand-up. Best line was about Doctor Who's assistants:

"Those Doctor Who girls...they're very big inside."

The show was good too, very well acted, especially by Matthew Kelly who made a guest appearance as a tramp. In fact, he was in a theatre production of "Of Mice and Men" a few years back and got very good reviews; I'd like to see more of him in acting roles. If anybody is interested, it was episode three which we saw.

On the way back we had a glass of wine at this pub before walking back home across Teddington Lock.

A good night out and it doesn't even cost anything. Well, obviously, apart from the drink in the pub; I don't want the landlord of The Tide End Cottage coming round for a word because he's been deluged by bloggers expecting free drinks.


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