Thursday, May 26, 2005

Treading on toes!

Oh dear, when I said that I nicked my Room 101 idea from Random Burblings, I didn't think that I'd actually nicked the subject matter!.

But what does it say about cyclists that we both came up with that idea for Room 101? Coming soon, I'm planning Room 101 rants about the state of climbing in Britain; Patricia Cornwell's book claiming that the artist Walter Sickert was Jack the Ripper (which I also read and had a few issues with); and the price of beer in Edinburgh pubs. Only joking, Alan!

Strangely, even before I'd seen Alan's post, I was planning to post this Edinburgh related story as my strange news on Thursday entry. Spooky, or what?

Actually, I know Edinburgh quite well. When I left university I was in a relationship with a guy who came fron Dundee, so we moved up there, and his mother and some other relatives lived in Edinburgh, about an hour's drive away. His mother lived in Oxgangs, a place where some imbecile of a town planner thought it would create a community spirit if every street name referred to Oxgangs, so you had Oxgangs Close; Street, Crescent; just have a look here. His other relatives lived in Morningside, a lovely area.

I broke up with that particular chap and started a relationship with The Scotsman (a Rangers supporter by the way, so a happy chap at the moment). He came from close to Edinburgh (East Linton) but moved to Yorkshire when he was twelve (where he thought he ought to choose an English team to support as well, so he chose Liverpool, what a happy chap this morning) and moved to Dundee to do a degree in history and politics. We both love Edinburgh and went back in November 2003 for a weekend. We did the touristy things, like The Royal Mile, and the statue of Greyfriars Bobby, and also, as I like swimming, we went to this pool, the only 50 metre pool that I've ever been to. Unfortunately it was cordoned off so that people could only do widths, so I never got to swim the full 50 metres, but it's one of the best pools that I've swum in. Great for refreshing yourself after a tour of the city's many pubs the night before!

When we lived in Dundee we went down for the festival, and we saw an obscure comedian presenting a show called Lenin, Trostky and the Betting Shop, where he made hilarious references to present day political conflicts and the Russian revolution. No, honestly, this is a guy who can make abstruse historical facts really funny. I can't link to his excellent columns in The Independent because you have to pay, but whenever we see Mark on TV we feel a bit proud because we think we sort of "discovered" him. Only we wouldn't have seen him if Jo Brand hadn't been sold out.


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