Monday, June 13, 2005

Other bloggers

As you will see from the side bar, I've added links to the wonderful Boob Pencil and Rockall Times. I was mulling over the people to whom I link, and looking at the relationships I have with them. Pia, from Tomorrow Could Be Boring, I know through a writers' group I attend. Hi Pia! I've also met Annie Mole from Going Underground once. Davy Wavy, who appears under the caption of my friend Hilary's brother, is the brother of somebody from the same writers' group. In fact, I think he may have come to one of the meetings. Or it may have been another brother of Hilary's, somehow he was gone by the time I got round to asking. Sarah Crabtree is also a member of the same group. I'm a member of The T Party and Richmond Writers' Circle, and I've been featured on The Rockall Times. And I've exchanged emails with Gert of Mad Musings before. This makes me think I should be a bit more adventurous with my linking, try a few links to different sites, like with people I don't know.

Unlike other bloggers, I don't have a problem with people asking for links in exchange for links from my site, although I don't like to put my email address on the site in case I get loads of spam. If you'd like a link, just leave a comment. Although, obviously I won't link to your site if it's crap. In which case you can leave an abusive comment which I can delete. But I've let slip my real name on here, so you can trace me to my address, stalk me and put together an ingenious murder plot involving a poisoned birthday cake, or something. Oh dear, guess you'll get a link then.


Blogger whatarethey said...

9:35 am  
Blogger Mystic mog said...

Thanks for the link and remaining with me through my downs ! - still not quite back up but getting there. I'm having difficulty in setting up links as I am completely computer illiterate but If I can I will certainly link to your blog - In any case I like reading it !!!

10:48 pm  
Blogger Clare said...

Thanks for the link and the mention!

Sadly I'm having to stop writing fresh content for a while... but I will be posting up extracts from the novel, if that's of any interest.

10:56 am  
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