Thursday, June 02, 2005

Strange news on Thursday

A story from India this week. We were very worried when the tsunami struck, as we love Thailand and India. We've been to both places twice, although not to the most affected areas. 18 months ago we went to Kerala, a wonderful place, where there were a few deaths in the extreme South, and some damage in a resort that we visited. We also had a 24 hour stop over in Sri Lanka on the way back. We didn't see much of Sri Lanka, as we were in a very Western hotel for much of the 24 hours. It had a private beach, which meant that the locals could only walk along the shoreline within a few feet of the sea, and couldn't venture further. I didn't like that.

In addition, we only had a few coins that we could use, and it seemed like a waste to change more, so we had to sip two lagers all evening. Now we're not alkies, this shouldn't have been a problem, apart from the fact that most of the other guests at the resort seemed to be English pensioners, and the hotel had a tape on a constant loop, full of music they thought might be appropriate. So we heard the same songs at least five times that night. Music to kill yourself to.

One of them was Tell Laura I Love Her. For those of you lucky enough not to be familiar with this mawkish fifties gem, this relates the tale of a chap who decides to pay for his wedding by entering a car race which results in his death. Not a quick death, mind. He's dying, and he knows that he's dying, but he's still perky enough to manage several high pitched choruses where he instructs the people around him in the message he wants relayed to his girlfriend on his demise. These are the real lyrics, by the way.

Another favourite was Old Shep, a cheerful ditty about the demise of a pet. I've used the word "demise" a lot in this post, haven't I? Anyway, this is about the death of a much loved dog. I was amazed, when looking at this website, to find out that this was an Elvis song. The many Elvis compilations seem to have glossed over this. I can understand why. am I the only person to find this unintentionally funny?

Anyway, as I was saying, my strange news on Thursday is this amazing news.


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