Friday, July 01, 2005

Live 8

I haven't got tickets for the event in Hyde Park tomorrow, nor will I be going to Edinburgh for the March, although I am passionate about the cause

Anyway, if you have been wavering about your support for Live 8, or worrying that some pop stars are just using it for publicity, or that some of the countries involved have corrupt leaders, then just read what somebody living and working in Zambia thinks about these issues.

In fact, for any blogger reading my blog, why don't we have our mini, very mean and very cheap version of Live 8, (although no doubt you've already spent some money on this cause, at least on a wrist band) whereby anybody who comes by this blog posts a link (on the sidebar please, not just in the body of a post) to this post at 360 Degrees of Sky, a blog written by an Irishwoman working overseas to help a community in Zambia.

And you can of course visit the Make Poverty History site.

Whatever you do tomorow, do something to support the campaign.