Monday, November 14, 2005

It's cold

I really, really hate the cold. It's OK if you only get to watch the frost and snow from inside, snuggled over a cup of coffee, but it's much less fun if you have to trudge to work and back.

But the point I wanted to make is that, when I stood in the garden just now thinking that it was a bit nippy, I thought of Ditch Monkey. As you may know, this blogger works in London during the day, working for Sothebys, and sleeps under a tarpaulin in the woods in Oxfordshire at night. Oh, he buses it by the way, he can't cheat by sleeping in his car. He's aiming to see if he can hack it for a year. I hope he's OK, I thought, he'll have to use both his sleeping bags tonight. And then I thought, what a stupid thing to think. There are homeless people in London out in this. They might get a hostel bed, or have enough money to buy a cup of tea, or they might not. They certainly won't have been able to go out and buy decent gear from camping shops. And they won't have a nice heated workplace to sit in, with a hot shower in the morning (I think there was a shower for him at work, there is in some offices, or it might be at his gym). It might even be one of the times when he has a night out in London and stays over with friends. And let's face it, if it really gets unbearable, he can afford the odd night in a B and B, and he has friends and relatives who he mentions, who would presumably put him up.

I'm not having a go at Ditch Monkey, I admire what he's doing, testing himself to see whether you can live a middle class, London lifestyle for part of the day, and sleep under a tarpaulin in the woods for the rest. He is interested in finding out how many possessions we really need, and it's all for charidee, as he's aiming for people to sponsor him in aid of The Woodland Trust.

It's just odd that I thought of him, rather than other people out there with fewer options.


Blogger ODM (Original Ditch Monkey) said...

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5:22 pm  
Blogger ODM (Original Ditch Monkey) said...

there will soon be an entry on my blog written by someone who has been homeless since June

5:23 pm  
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