Monday, December 12, 2005

And she posts...

Not posted for a bit, but then I've been busy with work related stuff, and going out for lots of scrumptious Crimbo food, not to mention going down to Cornwall for a bit to see the family.

I'm also trying to get some proper writing done; I want to finish a short story a month for the next year, and I've got a great idea for one at the moment. So, some highs and lows from the past two weeks:


Not being able to buy brandy butter at any shop in Ham, so having to go to M and S in Kingston on a Saturday afternoon.

The blind driver on the 371 bus route. If there are 7 people at a bus stop, all waving frantically, and your bus is half empty, then, unless you're Keanu Reeves in the film Speed, you stop. And I saw you, mate, and you're not Keanu Reeves. In fact, in terms of attractiveness, you're way behind Vic Reeves. And Jim Reeves, and he's been dead several years.

South West Trains deciding that the second Sunday before Crimbo was a good time to suspend all services between Clapham and Waterloo for the day. Not inconvenient at all then.

The weather deciding to be icy just when I've bought myself a pair of dainty little black ballet pump style shoes.


Having to go to M and S in Kingston on a Saturday afternoon to get brandy butter, being in a really bad mood, and then being served by a nice chap who, I think from his appearance and accent, is African in origin, and telling him that he had a really lovely name (they have name badges). He was called Peace.

Eventually getting to our friend's house despite the vagaries of South West Trains, and being served Crimbo dinner with sprouts au gratin. The only time in my life when I've voluntarily had a second helping of sprouts.

The weather might be cold, but hey, I could be Ditch Monkey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surname: Orf.


10:56 am  
Blogger Strangeblueghost said...

You just had to spoil my nice christmassy momemnt, didn't you?

7:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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