Thursday, September 07, 2006

Strange news on Thursday

There was really only one contender this week: Fun Run Voyeur Nabbed By Banana. Now that is one seriously strange guy. However, I'm a bit confused about the legal aspects of this case. I don't for one second think that this person was acting in an ethical manner, and I wouldn't particularly want to sit next to him on public transport, even, but I think the decision to prosecute is a bit harsh.

The guy filmed women peeing in public. Now, I know that allowances need to be made for people competing in something as challenging as a half marathon. Your body does strange things to you. But isn't it illegal to pee in a public place? And if you decide to pee in a place where a chap with a carrier bag concealing a camera might wander up to you without you being terribly surprised, do you really have the right to expect privacy in that situation?

These women went for a pee in a public place, during a major sporting event with significant crowds. It's a bit pointless getting all offended about it, and wasting the time of the police and courts. When Paula Radcliffe did it on camera, I don't remember her trying to block people from reporting on it.

If somebody sneaks a webcam into a changing room without people knowing, or drills a hole in a wall to watch people naked, then charge them with voyeurism. But don't pull your knickers down in public and then moan when somebody gets turned on. Er...I meant moan as in complain...


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