Monday, August 14, 2006

Well, I tried...

An incident in the street in Richmond a few days ago. I was walking a few yards behind a women with a small boy in a buggy. I was vaguely aware that said small boy was clutching a balloon. I was looking in a shop window, when said balloon floated past me. I scampered after it, knowing how disappointed the little chap would be to lose his treat, and after nearly falling over and scattering a few pedestrians, I proudly presented the yellow balloon to the little boy. He looked rather underwhelmed, and his Mum was looking a bit doubtful.

"Actually, he was letting it go to see how far up it would fly."

Oh. I approached the little chap, and suggested we let go of it again. He looked even more underwhelmed. I let it go and it sailed up about eight feet and got caught on a building. The boy looked less whelmed than it is possible to be, and his Mum tried to look vaguely thankful for my efforts. I mumbled an apology and walked off sheepishly.

Strange Blue Ghost, spoiling magic moments for children everywhere.


Anonymous Gert said...

I think small boys should be banned from releasing balloons in public. Should be ASBO'd. It's very confuisng for the none-small-boy amongst us.

9:16 pm  
Anonymous Gert said...

Also, confusing

9:19 pm  

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