Saturday, February 19, 2005

Plea for help

I spent an evening with these people this week. We received the following email recently. I've no reason to believe it's not genuine, so please try to help.

My name is Lise Morel and I live in the Rep. of Seychelles. I am writing to people who loves literature / books for a little helping hand. The Anse Royale Primary School, which is located on the main island Mahe, was hit by the Tsunami in December, which ruined all their books. Could you kind lovers of literature find it in your heart to contribute two children's books to Anse Royale School.. just two books, english or french, don't have to be new ... I know postage can be expensive. The kids, aged between 5 and 12 yrs old, would be really grateful.

Pls send to

Mrs Sonia Didon - Headteacher
Anse Royale Primary School
Anse Royale
Rep. of Seychelles

or to myself:

Lise Morel
Pointe Aux Sel

Seychelles is a very small place, so no postal code exist. I'm just a parent, (and amateur writer - that's how I thought of Writing Circles!) trying to help the school.
Best regards,



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