Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's snowing, I'm blogging

I hate snow. I know it looks pretty, but it's cold and slippery to walk on and I hate Winter weather. And what's worse, all the trains and tubes shut down at the merest hint of a snowflake so everybody in london ends up having a bad day.

So I'm sitting here with a hot cup of coffee looking out of the window and hoping it all melts, and thinking of some nice cosy websites to recommend. I found this site via Diamond Geezer. I was nearly in tears remembering Tiptoes The Mischievous Kitten, Mick The Disobedient Puppy and Beaky The Greedy Duck.

Or if you want your kittens a bit less mischievous you could try here, a site which has had a lot of complaints. Lighten up guys, it's a joke!

Or maybe brave the thrilling rollercoaster of excitement that is Dave's Cake Page. Do you think he gets out much?

More strange goings on in the next post when we look at the last person ever to be prosecuted as a witch in Britain.