Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Starting my novel again

I've decided to start my novel again. I got about 25,000 words down about 2 years ago, but it's all wrong, just wrong. I'm going to give the plot a supernatural twist, rather than just creating a straightforward mystery, and I'm aiming to write 750 words 4 times a week (this post is about 150 words, to give you an idea). That's 3000 words a week, so it will result in the first draft of a 120,000 word novel in 10 months, although, of course, I don't know how long it will be yet, but 120,000 is roughly 330 pages, so it could well be quite a bit shorter. I reckon 2 hours on Monday night, 2 hours on Tuesday night, 2 hours on Friday night and 2 hours on Saturday morning will give me plenty of time, and I can move these slots to other days according to other commitments. It's only 8 hours a week.

Next major post concerns a strange murder in a small village!


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