Sunday, February 20, 2005

Interesting day

I met up with a group of horror and science fiction writers today. A very interesting meeting, critiquing some short stories. I also met Terry. He gave me a copy of Whispers of Wickedness. By the way, if anybody is interested in my fiction, you can read a couple of examples here (they seem to have edited bits of it and changed words in a slightly strange and inappropriate way) and here. These are early stories. I prefer this story. Apologies to anybody dropping by recently who read the previous Mongolian death worms post when the links didn't work. If you're not a fellow blogger please skip the following dull IT related anecdote. I had a few problems with Blogger losing my post when I needed to go onto another website to get the URL for my link, so I wrote my post in a word document in Times New Roman, then pasted it. Blogger didn't like the "" in the HTML (I can't use the automatic Blogger link thingy as my version of Windows is so old it involves a bloke inside the computer pedalling a bike very fast). They actually looked different from the "" you get on Blogger so I should have guessed. I suppose I'll gradually learn about these things.

The Scotsman is in Amsterdam this weekend. For four years he and a couple of old friends have had a weekend together in Amsterdam in February, and I think it's a nice tradition. I'm used to him being away. He has been with his current company for about 12 years, and they have a system whereby you gain an extra day's holiday for every year you work on top of the basic allowance, so he always has a week away without me every year, as I just get the standard 20 days. Some people I speak to, especially men, say that they wouldn't be allowed to do that. I can't understand that attitude. If I had loads more holiday than he did, I certainly wouldn't be at home! We love travel: we've been to India twice; Thailand twice, Morocco; Cuba; Vietnam; Poland; Czech Republic; Turkey; Tenerife; and most of Western Europe.