Saturday, April 09, 2005

Strange blue outings

I've decided to create a number of posts under the heading of strange blue outings. This covers any excursions I make to unusual sites; something quirky; or a memorial or gravestone; or something a bit unusual. Well, today I am about to set off for a walk across Richmond Park, taking me into Barnes, where I will visit the site of the memorial to Mark Bolan, who died there in a car crash in 1977.

I will be writing a more descriptive post once I've been, where I will provide a plethora of links. However I would like to mention the site from which I was able to find the memorial, because I think it says something about the social demographics of blogging. Most bloggers, I think, are relatively well educated. There is, however, a lack of conspicuous consumption. Many bloggers are young, so do not have a lot of money yet, and of the workplace bloggers, some are working in call centres, or as paramedics and police officers.

So it was unusual to find a blog where the author has a beautiful house in The New Forest, and is renovating one in Italy, and gives accounts of travelling to Switzerland virtually every week. I particularly like the section of the site where his wife poses in front of her cars.

I'm not being envious or trying to make a political point, I enjoyed reading the blog, and if I went to those sorts of restaurants on a weekly basis, I'd blog it too. It was just unusual. Or is it just that you find a blog that you enjoy and follow the links from it, which leads you to a small community of bloggers who all link to each other, and there is a wider world out there that you never quite enter?

Anyway, I'm off to Barnes. I've got a 190 mile walk to train for.


Blogger MarkMcL said...

Thank you for those kind words :-)

It was only after I commented on the tree visit that I scrolled down and read this previous entry.



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