Thursday, April 07, 2005

Strange news on Thursday

Not many strange stories in the media this week. It's been rather dominated by The Pope (boring, and although I admire his influence in the dismantling of communism, I'm not getting too nostalgic about the head of a religion which has influence in a lot of poor countries, who tells women they can't use contraception to limit their family, and won't recommend condoms to people in countries riddled with AIDS); the wedding (boring, I'm just pleased they're too old to breed, imagine what the kids would look like); and the election (too boring for words). Yes, yes, I do vote, but I could do this perfectly well without a month of saturation coverage of the tedious farts squawking at each other. Oh, when I mentioned the wedding, I meant Charles and Camilla, not Deirdre and Ken. Although, come to think of it...

I did find this corker from The Times, though. The Guardian then followed this up with an interview with the chap. Well, I'm a 35 year old London University graduate with a degree in English, just like he is, maybe I could do with a career change. Might be worth a go. I do like beer and pies, so I'm off to a head start.

And this village is having a bit of hassle with a rather feisty bird.

I think I should blog something sinister and strange next, so I'll be writing up some information on the disturbing history of the murderers known as "baby farmers".


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