Thursday, July 07, 2005

What is there to say?

Even out in my patch of suburbia, there was a different mood in the streets as I was walking home. I looked at some of the people on passing buses and they looked very tense, particularly the ones on double deckers.

We heard about it gradually. Somebody at work had a call from her husband in Ealing, saying that there were loads of ambulances and sirens screaming past. Then the phone network packed up, and our network provider, when contacted, said that it was because of the volume of calls. We went onto the internet, and slowly the truth dawned.

They say that there are 37 dead at the moment, but they still don't know how many people were on the bus, and they are officially claiming two deaths. I can't believe, looking at that bus, that there were two deaths. What must the force of the explosion have been like to shred a solid metal structure like that?

All this happened just nine miles or so East of our home, in the city where we live. This is a very strange feeling. Yesterday everybody was celebrating the Olympics coming to London (well, not me, I find the spectacle of people running in a circle about as interesting as watching paint dry), and I was planning a "strange news on Thursday" post about a baby hedgehog. It doesn't seem quite right now.


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