Monday, August 08, 2005

Exciting outing

On Saturday I went to Kingston, and found myself in the pound shop. Kingston has an extremely large pound shop (for those of you who live overseas, or, I don't know, live in Kensington or somewhere, pound shops are emporia where everything costs one English pound, nothing to with dogs, my US friends).

It's not an exciting retail experience, but it's good for things like hanging baskets; DIY material; toiletries; saucepans; and cheap glasses. Anyway, they have a security guard. Now there are several shops which might have security guards, but it suddenly occurred to me that this is a pound shop.

Unless he is there to discourage any suicide bombers who might decide to detonate themselves between the novelty tea towels and the gardening gloves, he is almost certainly there to prevent shoplifting. In a pound shop!!

Now I've never been shoplifting. Well, that's not technically true, I was in a big shopping centre once, looking at lipsticks in Boots, and I selected one that I thought that I might buy. It was a big open plan shopping centre, and there wasn't an actual door between Boots and the outside world, and it was indoors so there was no blast of cold air when you went out. Anyway, I then got distracted by something else in Boots that I decided not to buy, and went out. I'd been wondering round the centre for a good 30 minutes before I realised that I still had the lipstick in my hand, and it seemed a bit silly to go back. But anyway, I've never done it deliberately.

But if I did, I certainly wouldn't target a pound shop. I mean, the whole point of shoplifting is that you get stuff to use, or sell on, without paying for it. It defeats the object if it's only worth a pound in the first place.

Or does Kingston just attract a very stupid sort of shoplifter?


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