Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Teddington Lock

As I walked over Teddington Lock the other day, I saw three kids preparing to jump off the highest point into the water. This must be about 20 feet high. They had a friend on the riverbank who was preparing to capture the moment on his mobile phone.

There have been many news reports recently about technology turning kids into couch potatoes, but this seemed to be encouraging kids to be active. I'm not sure I'd dive into Teddington Lock myself; I'm sure there are old shopping trolleys and all sorts of hazzards. But it was fun to see. OK, about to snuggle up in bed with The Scotsman to watch a repeat of Wycliffe. I'm such a party animal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there , i am one of the lock keepers at Teddington Lock and kids jumping in the lock are the biggest pain in the proverbial ...

There are however no 'shopping trollies' as you say , in the lock. Sadly, you seem to be perpetuating an age old myth that the rivers and canals of london are full of shopping trollies and if you go fishing you will only atch an old boot... this is not the case, certainly at Teddington.

The kids we have the most problems with are the kids from the estates in Ham, i'm sure you know the ones i mean .... they come along and cause endless problems by jumping off the bridge in the lock cut and the weir stream, in front of boats sometimes, where realistically i think you are referring to in your original post, as no point at the actual lock is more than 10 feet out of the water ...

3:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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