Monday, August 22, 2005

Strange goings on.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in the garden, and were surprised to see a large toad sitting beside our shed. Eventually, it hopped into the middle of the lawn and sat there. We have a pair of magpies who visit our garden, and they started wandering around the lawn; one of them spotted the toad. I was unsure what I should do. It's part of the food chain after all, and magpies need to eat. One magpie stared at it for a bit, then nudged it with it's beak. The toad gave what I can only describe as a yelp, and started hopping around. The magpies were fluttering around him, giving random pecks, and it was clear that it was going to be far from a clean kill, so I shooed them off, and let the toad find shade in the undergrowth. Hopefully it's off to a pond somewhere...

I got a text message on my mobile today. It said:
"From Nannie and Grandad, Congratulations. They're lucky to get you!". Now this was a surprise, partly as I hadn't recently got a new job, or new anything else that could think his/her/itself "lucky". Well, a hanging basket full of ivy, maybe. Although I don't think it required a congratulatory text. But mainly because, sadly, none of my grandparents are in a position to text me. Unless I have a mobile which goes way beyond international roaming...

I did text back to say that they got the wrong number. It was a nice thing for them to do, and I wish my grandparents had been old enough to se me into adulthood. The last one died when I was 22, and I lost the previous three before the age of 17.

Still, a previous boyfriend had a father who had been about 70 at his birth, and who had died a couple of years after, so I suppose I should count my blessings.