Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter excitement

One of the great joys of Easter is going to see friends with sprogs, so that you can indoctrinate them into the great British tradition of becoming chocolate-filled lard-arses to celebrate Spring. Or Easter..

Or, rather, you can indoctrinate them into thinking, just because a rather intelligent and thoughtful philososopher brought about an uprising against The Romans about 2000 years ago, that this actually means that he was the Son of God, and that he achieved eternal life, and walked on water, whatever...

Anyway, we celebrated Easter by spending it with a couple of our best friends and their children; Evie is nearly three, and Maisie is about six months.

We went to a lovely pub called The Watermill close to Box Hill, and had a good lunch. Then we went up Box Hill and had an egg rolling competition. We had spent some time boiling and decorating eggs, and I can tell you, our eggs were rather more robust than Graham and Julie's. Although their's were rather better decorated. Even though they were decorated by a three year old.

We had a great competition rolling the eggs down the hill until the eggs smashed to pieces. Apologies to the little boy who was in the way when one egg escaped, and bounded down the hill faster than we could catch it. We will never forget that look of six year old outrage, as that egg bounced off you.

Anyway, a great day.


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