Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Is this the strangest sport ever?

And first on the list of 20 strange things is that fine old sport of bog snorkelling. This is an event that takes place in August, in a small town in Wales called Llanwyrtyd Wells, and it involves snorkelling a 60 metre stretch of murky, muddy water twice. You can't see anything, but there's no coming up to look about, and no obvious swimming strokes either. Oh come on, you know you've always wanted to do it! If you want to get involved in this year's event, here you go!.

For those of a more athletic nature, you can try the bog snorkelling triathlon. This means that you undertake a run of 8-10 miles, then the famous 120 yard snorkel, then a cycle ride of 16-18 miles. Although, if your self image as a cyclist is important, or you want to pull blokes/birds in Wales, bear in mind that you might not look your best once you've completed the bog snorkelling!


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