Monday, January 23, 2006

Shall I blog further?

This blog is nearly a year old now, and I feel it has lost it's original purpose, which was to feature articles of interest about forteana, strangeness and eccentricity. I'm not sure how well the blog works in other ways, as I don't give away a lot about my personal life, or have a great interest in politics, like a lot of the more successful bloggers. I can't really write about any funny Scary Duck type teeenage escapades, as my teenage years tended to involve amateur sexual fumbling, and reading the novels of Thomas Hardy, rather than doing dodgy things with fireworks. No, not at the same time, although, given the quality of some of the sexual fumbling, Thomas Hardy might have relieved the boredom. Mind you, I've warmed to The Liberal Democrats in the last week or so. Imagine what their Christmas party must have been like, what with Charles Kennedy getting the rounds in, and that Oaten chap doing the actions to YMCA.

Anyway, I've decided to return the blog to it's original purpose for a bit, and I'm going to discipline myself to blog 20 instances of strange customs, events, or stories, in 20 days, starting from tomorrow. And I'm not even going to cheat by mentioning The London Whale, as strange a story as we've seen for a long time. And we all so longed for it to live, didn't we?


Blogger fjl said...

Good! Look forward to more. And come visit the other blogs, too, so we know what you're doing.

1:02 am  

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