Monday, May 15, 2006

Strange free gift

I was browsing in the newsagent today, and I saw that The Guardian had a free gift. Nothing unusual about that, you may say. But the free gift was a poster showing breeds of shark.

Can you imagine the brainstorming session when that was conceived?

"OK, every paper these days is giving away something free. DVDs, money off vouchers for restaurants, books. The Times is always giving away books. The Daily Mail is giving away free cruises, but you have to collect about 90 tokens from individual papers. Yes, you get a free cruise, but you have to constantly buy The Daily Mail, so you have to go out to your local newsagent after dark in a balaclava. Yes, you might get arrested a few times, but it's better than being identified as a Daily Mail reader, surely. What can we do?"

"Money off vouchers for the cinema?"

"Been done"

"Strike a deal with Threshers? Vouchers for a quid off a bottle of cab sauv?"

"Yes, a bit dull though. We need something...different"

"What about a glossy poster showing different varieties of shark?"

"Wahey!! Just what people want! It totally captures the zeitgeist! Who could resist? Champers and Charlie all round!"

It's quite a nice poster, though...


Blogger Nic said...

I don't know if this cam before or after the poster they gave away showing the different species of mushroom indiginous to the UK. I heard about it on Chris Evans - apparently, there was an error regarding how safe (or not) one species was to eat...

10:34 am  

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