Monday, May 22, 2006

Weird weekend.

Well, there's a dearth of strange news stories for ages, and then we get two at once!

We watched The Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. It's not the sort of programme we'd normally watch, but we were in, having had a few glasses of wine with some friends who left to take their children home, and I specifically wanted to watch the Finnish entry.

The Finnish entry was Lordi, a heavy metal band who appear in monster suits. Yes, all play to the Finns, who had used their votes wisely. I assumed this was a sort of joke perpetrated on the horribly naff Eurovision culture by a country who had never won. People who wear monster masks, talk about Satanism, and who look like Ozzy Osbourne after serious facial burns, will never win. Except that Lordi did. Wahey!!


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