Friday, June 02, 2006

World cup song

As I am going into work tomorrow, I have today off. This means a day of writing, fresh air, and cultural viewing. So I switched the television on, to increase my understanding of political events, to see if I could discover a channel showing classical music, to find some wonderful black and white gem on the film channel...

Unfortunately, my finger slipped, and I was forced to watch This Morning with Eamon Holmes. No, it's true, I tell you! Anyway, whilst my finger was, for some reason, unable to move, I managed to watch an article about the various world cup songs that have been released.

I was most impressed with a song produced by a group of builders in Bromley, called Young Stanley, after the son of one of the participants. A surprise hit. Well done to them!

The official entry, by Embrace, sounds like something that failed Eurovision.

Go! Go! Bromley builders. And in the years to come, Stanley will be so proud!


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