Thursday, May 25, 2006

Interrupted blogging.

Apologies for the last post, I meant to save it as a draft, as I was interrupted. I mentioned two unusual news stories. The second, of course, was the revelation that there is a religious cult in Darlington based on a series of 1960s fantasy novels, which keeps female members as S and M type slaves (they're adults who voluntarily choose the lifestyle). They have been banned from the local butcher because the leader took one of his slaves out on a leash on a bacon buying errand. Well, I suppose if you're working a bacon slicer, and you still want all ten fingers, it might be a bit of a dangerous distraction.

There's a Wikipedia entry on The Goreans, and an article in The Guardian. Strange stuff indeed.


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*buys paper*.

Hmmm... no addresses...not even a phone number... Damn!

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